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About Alfonsi Milano


Alfonsi Milano is a luxury handmade footwear company based in Napoli, Italy, offering a premium brand in the 'affordable luxury' menswear market. Since our inception in 2019, we have garnered recognition for our commitment to functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. We invite B2B retail stores, both online and offline, to partner with us and elevate your offerings with our exquisite handcrafted Italian footwear.


Our Vision


At Alfonsi Milano, we envision becoming the go-to brand for retail stores seeking high-quality, handcrafted footwear that exudes luxury and sophistication. By collaborating with us, you can unlock the potential for increased sales and customer loyalty.


Our Mission


Our mission is to empower retailers with an exclusive collection of comfortable, handmade, and high-end quality men's shoes. Each pair is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, blending traditional techniques with modern sensibilities, resulting in unparalleled comfort and style.


Our Market Opportunity


Alfonsi Milano targets a well-defined customer segment with high disposable income and brand loyalty. Our footwear appeals to individuals aged 25 to 55, who seek the perfect blend of comfort and elegance.


Product Overview


Our diverse product range offers a style for every occasion, from classic and sober designs to outstanding and forward models. With our shoes crafted from the finest materials, we guarantee customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Our Story


Men's Collection

Step into the realm of Alfonsi's men's collection and experience an exquisite range of finely crafted footwear. Each design exudes unparalleled charm and poise, setting the stage for you to make a lasting impression on any occasion.


  • Oxford - Timeless Elegance - Classic yet refined, our Oxford shoes perfectly complement formal attire, elevating your sartorial flair to new heights.

  • Derby - Versatility Redefined - Sophistication meets versatility. The Derby collection offers a perfect balance of style and comfort, suitable for any event.

  • Monks - Bold and Dapper - Make a statement with our Monk shoes, a bold and dapper choice for the fashion-forward gentleman.

  • Boots - Rugged Luxury - Embrace the allure of rugged luxury with our impeccable range of Boots, designed to conquer both urban streets and wild terrains.

  • Loafer - Effortless Chic - Effortless elegance meets modern chic in our Loafer collection, ideal for a casual yet refined look.

  • Sports - Athletic Grace - Combining athletic grace with premium craftsmanship, our Sports collection ensures you never compromise on style during active pursuits.

  • Sport / Casual - Laid-back Sophistication - Our Sport/Casual collection strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and sophisticated, making it a must-have for any wardrobe.

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Womans's Collection


Explore Alfonsi's women's collection for finely crafted footwear that exudes unparalleled charm and poise. Each design, from timeless classics to modern elegance, guarantees a lasting impression on any occasion:


  • SIMONA: Classic Penny Loafers - Timeless elegance with a distinct cutout and smooth leather upper.

  • CHIARA: Tassel Loafers for Effortless Chic - Sophisticated slip-ons with a low stacked heel.

  • CARLA PENNY LOAFERS: Heritage Construction, Luxurious Fit - Perfect for denim or spring trousers.

  • FRANCESCA: Classic Design, Unparalleled Comfort - A blend of style and all-day wearability.

  • BIANCA: Modern Elegance, Handcrafted Italian Leather - A statement piece for fashion-forward women.

  • ADELE: Timeless Beauty, Unmatched Quality - Sophistication crafted with the finest materials.

  • GIORGIA: Casual-Chic Style, Perfect for Spring/Summer - Lightweight loafers with understated elegance.

  • MARIA: Italian Craftsmanship, Timeless Appeal - Meticulously handcrafted wardrobe essentials.

  • PAOLA: Versatile Elegance, Perfect for Every Occasion - Stylish design for the modern woman.

  • PAOLETTA: Stylish Sophistication, Unrivalled Comfort - Combines sophistication and luxury with every step.





 USA - Stores


  • BALTIMORE - HAT BOX, 1110 Reistertown Rd Baltimore, MD 21208, 410-358-2796

  • BROOKLYN  - HAT BOX - 1837 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230, 718-951-9533 

  • CEDARHURST - SUIT CENTRAL , 456 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516, 516-791-1925 

  • CHICAGO - HAT BOX, 2746 West Touhy Ave, Chicago, IL 60645, 773-564-9493

  • LAKEWOOD - HAT BOX, 1797 Avenue of the States, Lakewood, NJ 08701, 732-961-2262

  • LAKEWOOD - HB Outlet, 605 E. County Line RD, Lakewood, NJ, 08701

  • MIAMI - HAT BOX, 2039 NE163rd S, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, 786-440-5673

  • MONSEY - 385 Route 59, Monsey, NY 10977, 845-517-2830

  • TORONTO - HAT BOX - 3385 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A2B8, 647-352-2810

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